Ammaa ki boli 2019 full movie dailymotion


Ammaa ki boli 2019 full movie dailymotion – On August 30, 2019, a new comedy film is coming out called Ammaa ki boli. This movie is directed by Narayan Chauhan  And two talented comedians played the lead role name Sanjay Mishra and Hrishitaa BhattTell Amma about a widow in a movie with her five children The story of survival in a small town has emerged.And between them made the story through a scooter with two wheels.She steals 40,000 rupees because of the lack of space for a daughter with her scooter space for two children.she stole 40,000 from the box and bought a second hand scooter.

Ammaa ki boli 2019 full movie dailymotion

Ammaa ki boli 2019 full movie dailymotion

Suddenly the scooter was accidental for these two boys and my money was stolen.Then a meeting was convened and the scooter was opened to the general public.As a result, this scooter could be used by anyone for any reason.This movie shows the importance of parents’ relationship at present.The movie is made by a mother who manages to make a living with her five sons.

Ammaa ki boli full movie Trailer

  • Release Date – 30 August 2019
  • Ammaa kid boli 2019

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